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Welcome to the International Coaches Union (ICU) Association

a global community of coaching professionals dedicated to creating a supportive and developmental environment that stimulates empathy, self-awareness, conscious leadership, and cooperation.

Our approach to coaching encompasses a wide variety of fields, from work to family and personal life, making a positive impact on individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.


Our Mission is to foster growth and development in the coaching community, providing comprehensive training programs that include both classical and developmental coaching approaches.

Our Vision is to make positive impact in the coaching industry, empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential through conscious values and innovative coaching techniques.


To create a supportive and developmental environment in a variety of fields, from work to family and personal, which is comfortable for everyone and stimulates empathy, self-awareness, conscious leadership, and cooperation.

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Our Purpose and Objectives revolves around establishing certification processes, developing additional training programs, promoting ethical and professional coaching standards, providing resources and tools for members, creating a coaching leadership program, engaging in meaningful outreach and marketing efforts, and empowering local groups within the ICU Association’s framework.

At the heart of our work lie our Values and Principles, which guide our decision-making processes and inform our commitment to fostering growth, empathy, self-awareness, and conscious leadership in coaching.



Upholding the highest ethical standards and professional conduct.



Striving for continuous improvement, innovation, and quality in our programs and services.



Cultivating a supportive and inclusive community of coaches who share knowledge and resources.


Diversity & Inclusion

Embracing and celebrating the unique perspectives and backgrounds of our members.



Encouraging individuals to take charge of their personal and professional growth.


Social Responsibility

Contributing positively to society and the environment through our actions and initiatives.

To learn more about our commitment to ethical practices and professional standards, please explore the following links:

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the International Coaches Union Association

Join us on our mission to transform lives and organizations through the power of coaching, as we create a world where empathy, self-awareness, and conscious leadership are the driving forces behind personal and professional success.

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Our Origin Story


Our journey began in 2006 with an idea, a shared vision, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It started with an assembly of various training organizations and centers, each running coaching programs with a common aim: to maintain high standards in coaching training and drive continuous growth in business psychology, mutual self-respect and acceptance.

These entities came together, reaching a consensus on the fundamental standards in coaching education, ethical norms, and key competencies, grounded in the classic coaching concepts of T. Gallwey, J. Whitmore, and T. Leonard. That time they agreed upon principles for maintaining a unified record of certified specialists, providing these experts with information, support, and opportunities to participate in certification programs as coach consultants, no matter their location.


By 2010, our reach extended beyond the boundaries of our initial community, with our training programs and certifications being recognized in more than 32 countries. It was a significant milestone that marked the beginning of our global impact.


On October 3, 2011, the International Coach Union (ICU) and the International Coaching Network (ICN) solidified this collective pursuit of excellence by establishing the International Coach & Trainer Association (ICTA). Representing the ICU, Master Trainer M. Dzernakovski, and representing the ICN, Master Trainers Jack and Helen Makani, signed the statutory document, marking a significant milestone in our evolution. This partnership further solidified also the ICU Association’s commitment to upholding high standards in coaching training and providing support to certified specialists worldwide.


Fast forward to May 5, 2023, the ICU Association Asbl was officially founded in Luxembourg, representing a fresh and exciting chapter in our evolution. This marked a significant milestone as we expanded our footprint and influence across the globe.

Accreditations & Recognitions:

Our Mark of Excellence

The International Coaches Union (ICU) Association has been making remarkable strides in the coaching world since its inception in 2006.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence and high standards in coaching has not only fostered the growth of our Association, but it has also earned us numerous accreditations, recognitions, and partnerships that stand as a testament to our dedication and impact in this field.


Global Reach

High-Profile Partnerships

World-Renowned Certification

Industry Recognition & Accreditation

Milestone Events

Community Outreach

Today, the ICU Association is a global entity with over 10,000 certified coaches in 32+ countries around the world. Our presence on the international stage is a testament to our influence and the transformative power of our coaching approach.

Our collaborations with high-level organizations, from governors and Councils of Ministers to presidential administrations, are a testament to the trust and respect we have garnered in the coaching industry. The application of our coaching methods with Olympic athletes and football teams showcases the effectiveness and versatility of our approach.

The ICU coaching certification is internationally recognized and holds high esteem in the global database of coaching professionals. In several countries, our Master Coach or Trainer certification leads to automatic state-recognized certification in the coaching profession, further highlighting its value and prestige.

Our ICU Master Trainer certification program is accredited by Thomas Edison State University (TESU, USA). This accreditation reinforces our standing as a leading authority in coaching and provides our members with opportunities to further their education and professional development.

Our proactive engagement in milestone events like the coaching conference at EXPO 2020 Dubai, and our annual Coaching Conference, demonstrates our commitment to promoting and advancing the coaching profession on a global scale.

Our efforts to extend the benefits of coaching to marginalized communities, particularly those recovering from conflict, unrest, and pandemics, underscore our mission to create a more inclusive, compassionate, and conscious world.

These recognitions and achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to fostering excellence in coaching.

They inspire us to continue our work, setting new milestones, and making a meaningful impact on individuals, organizations, and communities around the world.

Our Team

The Visionaries

Meet the dynamic individuals who form the backbone of the International Coaches Union (ICU) Association. With their collective experience, expertise, and unwavering commitment to our mission and vision, they are instrumental in driving the ICU Association’s growth and success.


Dziyana Shkot

President and co-founder of ICU Asbl, Trainer ICU, businesswoman, Founders’ Coach and Life Strategist


  • Dziyana is a passionate and conscious leader with extensive experience in business management, business growth, integral coaching, and training.
  • As the President of the ICU Association, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s strategy and ensuring the fulfillment of its mission. Her unwavering commitment to making an impact, fostering growth, and driving innovation forms the backbone of the Association’s success.

Mikhail Dzernakovski

Co-Founder of ICU, Founding Leader, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, psychologist, Master Trainer ICU

  • An inspirational leader, Dr. Mikhail Dzernakovski, stands as the co-founder and a founding leader of ICU. With his exceptional vision and deep understanding of the coaching profession, he has been instrumental in shaping the organization from its early inception.
  • As a co-founder, he played a crucial role in defining ICU’s mission, vision, and values, and he continues to inspire and guide the association’s strategic direction. His leadership style fosters a culture of empathy, self-awareness and collaboration, enabling ICU to grow and evolve while staying true to its core purpose.

Jose Enrique Jimenez Soler

Vice President of ICU Association Asbl, co-founder of ICU Asbl, Neurocoach


  • As the Vice President of ICU Association Asbl, Jose Enrique Jimenez Soler stands at the forefront of the coaching industry as a distinguished Neurocoach, Master Coach, International Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer. His deep expertise in neuroscience brings a unique and innovative perspective to our coaching programs, which significantly contributes to their excellence and distinctiveness.
  • Enrique’s unwavering dedication to the highest standards of coaching and his commitment to fostering coaching values and principals have continuously driven the association’s vision and mission forward. As a charismatic international speaker, his ability to inspire and engage audiences globally has significantly expanded the reach and influence of the ICU Association.

Inna Karnei

Project Management

Inna Karnei is an accomplished professional with a rich background in communications and project management. In her role as Project Management at ICU Association, Inna is instrumental in steering our strategic communication efforts and overseeing critical projects. Her excellent communication skills, adept management capabilities, and commitment to fostering collaborative environments make her an invaluable member of our visionary team.

Our Members

The Change-Makers

At the heart of the International Coaches Union Association (ICU) is a vibrant community of coaching professionals – our esteemed members. They form a dynamic team of like-minded individuals, united by their passion for coaching and training. Their diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise enrich our community, fostering a space where insights are shared, knowledge is expanded, and the coaching profession is continually enhanced.

Our members, who are more than just associates but a part of our extended ICU family, contribute significantly to the vibrant and ever-evolving coaching community. Each member, regardless of their membership category, plays a significant role in furthering the reach, impact, and reputation of the ICU.

Our membership categories include:

Associate Members

These are individuals in the process of becoming professional coaches or those with an interest in coaching but do not meet the eligibility criteria for full membership.

Full Members (Prof Coach, Master Coach)

These are professional coaches who meet the stringent eligibility criteria established by our board of directors.

Trainer Members (Prof Trainer)

These are certified professional trainers who meet the criteria established by the board of directors.

Master Trainer Members

These are certified professional master trainers who meet the established eligibility criteria and have made significant contributions to the coaching profession.

Corporate Members

These are organizations involved in the coaching profession or related fields, such as training institutions, consultancy firms, or other entities that support the objectives of the ICU.

For more detailed information on the criteria and requirements of each membership category, please visit Membership Page

Our Master Trainers

Master Trainer Members

Our Master Trainers are more than just educators;  they are the academic directors of our programs and the guiding forces behind ICU’s developmental strategies.

Their prominent role within the association ensures we stay abreast of the latest research and industry insights, while their expertise informs the direction of our ongoing growth and innovation.

They are truly the pillars that support and elevate the work we do at the ICU Association.

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Garry McDaniel, EdD

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Michael Williams, Ph.D

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Dr. Mikhail Dzernakovski

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Oleg Polyakov

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PhD, Tami Mozer

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Jose Enrique Jimenez Soler

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Dziyana Shkot

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PhD, Vadim Petrovski

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Boris Meltcer

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PhD, Vsevolod Zelenin

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PhD, Aleksandr Ognev

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PhD, Ilya Shmelev

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ThD, Aleksander Stahl

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PhD, Alex Dudinov

Our Corporate Members

Our Corporate Members

Supporting the Growth of the ICU

Corporate Members: Organizations involved in the coaching profession or related fields, such as training institutions, ICU Accredited Institute, consultancy firms, or other entities that support the objectives of the ICU.

Here are also the local groups that make up the ICU association. An ICU Accredited Institute is headed by a Professional Master Trainer.

Country City Link Contact Person
Spain Madrid
Luxembourg Luxembourg
Belarus Minsk
Kazakhstan Astana
Latvia Riga
Israel Tel-Aviv
Lithuania Vilnius
France Paris
Ukraine Kiev
Russia Moscow
Our Honorary Members

Honorary Members

The International Coaches Union Association (ICU) honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the coaching profession and the ICU’s advancement through Honorary Membership. These outstanding professionals have played pivotal roles in the growth of coaching and the ICU, showcasing exceptional dedication, passion, and innovation.

As trailblazers and thought leaders, our Honorary Members have elevated coaching standards, pioneered new techniques, and expanded the reach of coaching worldwide. Their stories inspire the entire coaching community, and their legacies continue to shape the future of the profession.

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Timothy Gallwey

Tim Gallwey is the creator of modern coaching. Tim discovered that whatever a person learns, they learn themselves. The role of the coach has a secondary position. The main focus is on empowering individuals to free themselves from the constraints of the evaluative mind, understand what is truly important to them, and engage in practice and exercise. Many ICU Master Trainers have had the privilege of studying directly with Tim Gallwey and maintain friendly relations with him.

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Sir John Whitmore

Sir John Whitmore, in his book “Coaching for Performance” published in 1992, laid the foundation for team coaching and business coaching. His book, describing the GROW model, has significantly popularized coaching worldwide and achieved widespread circulation. Most of the ICU Master Trainers received their training from Sir John Whitmore and continue to uphold his coaching traditions.

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Thomas Leonard

Thomas Leonard codified coaching during his travels around the USA in a camper, where he stayed at various coaching centers. In 1995, he established the first association of coaches, the International Coach Federation (ICF). Despite constant attempts to discredit his contributions, Thomas Leonard outlined the 11 fundamental competencies of a coach in collaboration with colleagues. These competencies, ranked in order of importance, still form the foundation of ICU coaching, with minor additions of five points.

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Mikhail Dzernakovski

Mikhail Dzernakovski has played a crucial role in shaping the philosophy and ethics of ICU. With over 15 + years of ICU development experience, Mikhail has been instrumental in promoting and advancing the ideas and practices of ICU with minimal assistance, paving the way for its growth and success. As a founding member, he invited all Master Trainers to collaborate and contribute to the association’s growth.

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Jack Makani

Through Jack Makani’s visionary efforts, he has been instrumental in shaping and nurturing various traditions within ICU, including the establishment of membership levels and the widely acclaimed summer international intensive courses. Jack’s unwavering commitment to the growth and global impact of coaching has truly set a remarkable precedent within our community.

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Galiya Bagdat Nurbekova

Galiya Bagdat Nurbekova’s tireless efforts have made a profound impact on coaching in Kazakhstan. As a trailblazer in her country, she has played a significant role in popularizing coaching and bringing its transformative power to the forefront. Her dedication to co-organizing numerous coaching conferences, including the one at EXPO2020, the ICU coaching conference in Dubai, has made a lasting difference in the coaching landscape and has been a significant contribution to ICU.

person icon

Garry McDaniel

Garry McDaniel’s 40 years of unwavering dedication to education have left an indelible mark on the development of ICU coaching, not only in the USA but also around the world. His profound contributions have played a pivotal role in elevating the coaching profession and fostering its growth and recognition on a global scale.

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Dziyana Shkot

Dziyana Shkot has been instrumental in elevating the International Coaches Union Association (ICU) to new heights. Her vision and determination led to the successful registration and promotion of ICU as a professional association in the EU. With her unwavering commitment to the coaching industry and ICU, Dziyana has infused ICU with fresh energy, ushering in a new era of development and exciting opportunities.

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Enrique Jimenez Soler

Enrique Jimenez Soler’s global influence in coaching cannot be understated. As the founder of ICU Coaching University, he has been a catalyst for spreading coaching knowledge and practices across Latin America, China, and Spanish-speaking communities worldwide. His passion for coaching and commitment to empowering coaches have been instrumental in shaping the future of coaching in these regions.

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Vsevolod Zelenin

Vsevolod Zelenin’s influence as a prominent figure in Ukraine has been instrumental in advocating for ICU coaching and its principles. Through his prolific work as an author, he has contributed significantly to the dissemination of coaching knowledge and practices in the region. His dedication to promoting the values and impact of coaching has left a lasting impression on the coaching community, making him a highly deserving Honorary Member of the International Coaches Union.

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Inna Karnei

Inna Karnei’s remarkable journey has been marked by her unwavering dedication to ICU coaching in Belarus. Over 17 years of relentless effort, she has been at the forefront of developing ICU in her country. As a TEDx licensee and organizer of one of the world’s most attended TEDx conferences, she continues to inspire and lead her coaching community to new heights.

Our Clubs

ICU Association hosts thematic clubs that reflect the diversity of our members and their unique interests. These clubs contribute to the dynamism of our community and foster a sense of belonging among our members.

Each club hosts unique initiatives, programs, and discussions that contribute to the broader coaching community’s growth and development, thereby reinforcing the ICU Association’s global impact.

Some of them:


English Speaking Coaching Club ICU:
A community of coaches communicating and sharing insights in English.


French Speaking Coaching Club ICU:

A vibrant forum for French-speaking coaches to connect and learn from one another.


Spanish Speaking Coaching Club ICU:

A platform for Spanish-speaking coaches to share knowledge and collaborate.


Russian Speaking Coaching Club ICU:

A hub for Russian-speaking coaches to exchange ideas and best practices.

Our Partners

Our Partners: Collaborating for a Greater Impact

At the ICU Association, we believe in the power of collaboration.

Our partners – global organizations, training institutions, and like-minded entities – contribute significantly to our mission.

Together, we’re enhancing the coaching profession, fostering sustainable development, and creating a broader impact.


the International Coaches Union Association

We welcome individuals, businesses, organizations, coaches, trainers, and impact-driven people to join our mission in transforming the coaching community.

Whether you’re a professional coach, a growth-oriented organization, or a philanthropist, there’s a place for you within the ICU Association.

Ready to make a difference? Have questions or inquiries? Contact us.

Together, let’s shape the future of coaching and create a more conscious, empathetic, and resilient world!

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Coaching is the art of creating possibilities, inspiring positive changes, and facilitating transformation


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